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Program Honors

DTC / AEC Honors

Ten alternative education programs have been selected as Best Practice Sites in an effort designed to recognize the work of educators and programs that serve at-risk students.

            The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) began the project in 2009 to highlight exemplary practices in A5 and A6 programs in public school districts. A5 programs are school district-operated and -housed instructional programs that provide services to at-risk students with unique needs, and A6 programs are district-operated instructional programs that are located in non-district facilities or schools that serve youth who are considered state agency children through the Kentucky Educational Collaborative for State Agency Children (KECSAC), the Department of Juvenile Justice, the Department of Community Based Services and/or the Department for Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services.

      The programs were nominated in three categories:

  • Category 1: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  • Category 2: Culture, Support and Professional Development
  • Category 3: Leadership, Resources/Organization and Planning


            School districts nominated their programs for recognition based on criteria developed by the KDE Alternative Education Advisory Committee. Applications were screened, and finalists received site visits from a KDE review committee.

            Each program selected as a Best Practice Site will receive $1,000 for instructional support and will be formally recognized at a future meeting of the Kentucky Board of Education. Information on the schools also will also be posted on the KDE website, so that other schools can use the program as a model.

Years selected as Best Practice Site/Program of Distinction

  • 2012
  • 2015
  • 2018